1A Understanding and Managing Issues in School Technology, Data, and Privacy

1B Local and National Legal and Risk Management Trends to Follow or Avoid

1C Practical Strategies For Managing Risks with Students And Technology

2A Strategies for Handling Threatening and Disturbing Behavior

2C Community Activism

3A Towns, Gowns and Taxes Resources PILOT SILOT

3C Lessons Learned from Student Activism in School Year 2017-18

4A Top Five Employment Claims Brought Against Independent Schools

4B Managing Students: A Day in the Life of a Dean

4C Sexual Assault Crisis on Campus

5A How You Can Prepare for Active Shooters & Other Life Threatening Emergencies on Campus
5A Link to receive Emergency Notification Templates
5A Link to receive a “Default Response Toolkit”

5B Business Continuity- The Morning After

5C How to Manage Today’s Parent

6A Proactive Legal Strategies that Hardwire Safe Teaching and Learning Environments

6B Preventing Rape Culture